I’m not usually one who cares about what other people think. BUT. You bet your ass I’m going to read every single opinion in the Amazon Review section.

I don’t know about y’all, but the only way I buy something on Amazon is if the reviews are out of this world. My lack of trust in others suddenly goes out the window when I start reading society’s thoughts on a printer or, in this case, a healing clay.  

Being an Amazon’s Choice, I felt pretty good purchasing the “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.” And I’m here to tell you, I was right. However, I wanted to give an in-depth review on this deep-pore cleansing facial mask.  

Mix it All Together

First things first. The directions offer the option of using water or apple cider vinegar. I STRONGLY recommend using apple cider vinegar. If you’re looking for a good laugh then please mix with water. When I attempted to use the clay powder with water, the application process proved difficult, teetering on impossible. However, ACV is easier and has more nutrients and benefits for your skin such as cleansing your pores, balancing your skin, and even preserving your youth.

Save yourself the time and purchase the ACV if you don’t already have some, and know that there are a multitude of other uses for this specific vinegar such as curing sickness, hair health, whitening teeth, and more.

Slap it On

It’s going to be messy. This is my only real problem with the product, but it works so well that I quickly get over the small challenge of both applying it and washing it off. It’s a bit sticky, and a bit of a pain. But, boy is it worth it!

You can leave it on for a variety of durations. The company recommends 5-10 minutes if your skin is sensitive as it can leave your skin a bit red after. However, I experienced very little redness, and after my first time using the product I started keeping it on closer to 20 minutes which I found to be more effective.

While there are warnings on the product label that explain pulsations of the face from the intensity of the clay mask, I came out just fine without severe pulsing. I would describe it more as minor tingling, but nothing unsafe.

If you’re looking for more insight or guidance on this product, check out my How-To video on Youtube. 

What is it?

This product is essentially just calcium bentonite clay. It’s a pound of the powder, and it is fairly affordable. Last I looked, the facial mask was priced at $8.30. A complete steal!

How is My Skin Now?

Y’all, my skin is looking damn fine. I did not know my face could be so soft. Many of my blackheads or zits, especially around my nose, are cleaned way the fuck out. I’m not saying that this product will cure all acne, but over time it really can help cleanse your pores and give you that “new skin” glow. Not only is the texture of my skin improved, but even some of my discoloration has improved and there is a general sense of evenness and balance in my complexion. 

I was using this product once a week, and have now switched to once every two weeks or so. I especially like to pair it with my hormonal cycle as I tend to breakout more during my special time of the month.

Also a good note, I was not paid to write this review nor was the product given to me for free (I wish).

Sending good vibes your way.


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