Five boroughs. Twenty-seven subway lines. One city that never sleeps.

It’s New York Fuckin’ City!
There’s so much to consider when visiting the Big Apple. Where to stay, what to eat, how to get around, etc. Having been there a few times, here is my in-depth guide to living it up in the city and making the most of your trip.

When to Visit

Go early summer or fall! I have visited in March, April, and September and none of those months were my best call. I would shoot for October or May to avoid extreme cold and hot weather.

What to Eat

New York City is known for their hot dog stands, high-end food, and bougie stops. You can eat as cheap as $3 a day, or drop thousands on the gourmet meals of your dreams. Here are some of my favorites and “have-to’s.”

Roberta’s Pizza is hands down the best pizza in New York. I’m not saying I’ve tried them all, but this local favorite is a must hidden deep within the Brooklyn streets. On the outside this place looks like a sketch dive bar, but walk in and you’ll find the rest of the city gorging themselves on New York style pizza you’ll crave. I recommend getting the Famous Original. Your tastebuds will thank you.

If you’re someone looking for healthier options and happen to be a basic bitch, I recommend By Chloe. There’s a few scattered throughout NYC, and their vegan creations are hard to pass up. The Guac Burger and Mac n Cheese are rather impressive, but everything from there is a win. Another quick option for your health would be Mulberry and Vine, a great place for clean eats. Ask for a bowl and pile on the goodies.

As for coffee, a necessity throughout my days, the city has it all. If you’re looking for something high-end, Hi-Collar is a great stop. Birch, La Colombe, and more, offer delicious brews. I, personally, love Ninth Street Espresso for a simple latte with rich oat milk. The Ap Cafe in Brooklyn is also great for coffee and laughable menu items like the Quinoa Tifah Bowl, Stranger Wings, and Cardi B-Rito.

I’ve always been one with a sweet tooth, and New York City has all of the treats. The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is a great place for all of your sugary iced needs. is a good stop for your cookie dough needs (Warning: it’s extremely rich so you only need a kids scoop).

My first time in New York I wanted to try a cronut. A croissant doughnut hybrid that had a three-month waitlist. Needless to say, I had to wait until the last trip to finally indulge in this delectable creation at Dominque Ansel Bakery. It was only a 20 minute wait for what I categorize as heavenly.

If you’re looking for fine dining, I would recommend Buddakan for a delicious array of Asian cuisine. I recommend the dim sum for two if you’re looking to indulge but not break the bank. Ivan Ramen is another legendary hot stop that I never had the honor of visiting, but please go and tell me all about it.

Okay. Now that you’re full, lets walk off that food and see the city.

Things To Do

The classic Central Park is a must. You can get lost along the various paths, bridges, ponds, and more. It truly is the perfect break to this concrete jungle. As for museums, I love both the MOMA and Metropolitan. I hope to visit the Guggenheim when I return, but the other two are “musts” that you can’t pass up. Don’t even ask me which one I like more.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What about Times Square? Well I’m here to tell you that it’s great… for a total of 15 minutes. Do it once if you have never been, but don’t go back. On that note, maybe try not to do every bus tour. Honestly, I think you would be fine if you didn’t do any of them. But, hey, this is your vacation.

Chelsea is one of my favorite areas in Manhattan, and The Chelsea Market is an even better spot for good eats. Nearby, the High Line also offers the perfect walk overtop the city.

Washington Square Park is the best park in Manhattan purely for the people and culture you can experience in that small hotspot. Sit by the fountain and just take it all in. Also, explore fancy SoHo and Greenwich Village for more fun.

The financial district is a good stop to look at the bull and empowering gal standing across from it. Also, if you know anyone at the One World Trade Center or have a reason to make an appt. in the building, DO IT. I encourage everyone to try and get high up for this view of a lifetime.

I recommend the 911 Memorial and Museum to everyone. It’s something that can’t be put into words.

Grand Central is another “must” that just so happens to have a great selection of food as well. It’s picturesque, and downstairs where the food is there is also a SECRET. I was astounded that many of my New Yorker friends had no idea. The Whispering Arch is at the corner near the Oyster Bar. Talk to someone at one corner while they stand at the other end and be amazed by science I can’t explain.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t argue, just fucking do it. I do it every time I visit New York, and you have to, too. Because that’s how blogs work.

If you’re looking for a cute photo-op then DUMBO is the place to go. It sits just on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge with the Manhattan Bridge in the distance. Walk down to the water and you’ll find a gorgeous view of the Brooklyn Bridge I made you walk. Brooklyn is an area that often gets forgotten but is one of my favorite places to stay when visiting NYC. Bushwick is the place to be and the chance to see street art like you have never seen before.

Think Ahead

You can easily just show up to New York City and have the time of your life without much preparation. However, there are a few items on the docket that you’re going to want to prepare for prior to getting into the city.

Broadway! While you could probably find tickets when you’re there, if you are going to a more popular show just get them online a few weeks or months before your visit.

That goes the same for concerts, specifically the ones at Madison Square Garden, hands down the best concert venue out there. While I was lucky during my last visit and got tickets to Drake and Migos the day of, you generally want to buy those ahead of time and see whose playing in the city during your visit. Also, pro tip, just because it says “sold out,” doesn’t always mean they’re sold out (Sometimes buying the day of gets you far cheaper tickets).

Other once in a lifetime opportunities include seeing SNL, Jimmy Fallon, and more! While these shows require early riser commitments they are obviously worth losing one night’s sleep over. You can find articles online to best prepare. Other options like the Comedy Cellar also involve planning ahead and getting there beforehand.

There are tons of popular opportunities, even breakfast at Tiffany’s involves early preparation. It all depends on what you’re looking for, so be willing to do a little research to hit up the places you want to be at most.

Final Words

My last piece of advice is to RELAX. Everyone tries to buzz through and hit everything in the entire city. Accept that that’s not possible beforehand, and then take your time. People watch, linger at the bench, and don’t rush through the city too much.

Sending good vibes your way.

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