It’s in the news, your friend’s makeup bag, Beyoncé’s face! Glossier is everywhere and you truly can’t escape it. I’ve given into this brand and tried several of their products, and even visited their first store in New York City.

Here is my complete, No-Bullshit Glossier Review of what is worth your money. Also worth noting, I’m not a rep nor was I paid or given these products for free. However, Glossier, if you’re reading this, hook a girl up!

Boy Brow – “The Gateway Drug to Glossier”
This is my favorite product Glossier creates. It’s easy, affordable, and does the job well. It’s all I use now for my brows. While it’s not a complete coverage for your brow, I feel it gives it just the right “oomph.” It also keeps my crazy eyebrow hairs in place throughout the day. However, if you’re looking for something that truly fills in your brow this may be better paired with an eyebrow pencil.

*Purchased Myself (Brown)

Glossier You – “The Scent to Get Your Crush To Like You”
Literally, the first time I wore this I had nothing but compliments and people infringing on my personal space for just a sniff of this shit. The best way I can describe it as “piney” and “fresh.” It just smells damn good. I’m not sure if it necessarily takes on your smell or changes, but whatever it does, I like it.

*Sampled (4 bottles to be exact)

Haloscope – “A Highlighter Without Spirit”
Alright, I was really excited for this one. It just lacked luster, which is kinda the opposite of what you want your highlighter to do. I really tried warming it up to get that glow, but the highlight is minor. It looks more like you went for a light run and started to sweat on your cheekbones. It looks natural for sure, but only noticeable with the light perfectly refracting. Overall a good product for a subtle glow, but not quite your typical highlighter.

*Purchased Myself (Quartz)

Balm Dotcom – “Get this shit in every flavor!”
There’s no way to make this stuff sound bad. Literally every single one is glorious. I will caution that the cherry option is a tad drying likely because of the tint, but all of them smell great, hydrate, and apply like a dream. The Mint is my favorite.

*Received as Gifts (Original, Cherry, and Rose)

Lash Slick – “Pleasantly Surprised and Entirely Hooked”
I have a certain loyalty when it comes to mascara. I’ll usually stick to one mascara for a few years and never look back. However, I decided to give lash slick a go. And, wow. Just Wow! I mean it looked like my eyelashes literally doubled in length. It adds microfibers or some shit, and I literally looked awake for the first time. While the product isn’t volume focused, it lengthens like nothing I have ever used. Buy this A$AP Rocky.

*Purchased Myself

Cloud Paint – “A Glossier Classic for the Masses”
While I was not entirely swoon by this product, it’s a pretty fantastic, buildable blush. The products are highly pigmented, and many of my friends vouch heavily for this product. I”m not big on blush to begin with, so that may be why. Regardless, a win for Glossier.


Lidstar – “A Glittery Flop”
The eyeshadow release was fairly exciting for everyone, yet I was underwhelmed. The products have little pigment and all just go on as a mild shimmer. While the application is simple (something we can all get behind), the product itself misses the mark for me.


Lip Gloss – “The Potential Backbone of this Company”
I’m not crazy about lipglosses, but what the fuck? This goop literally makes everyone’s lips look perfect. It doesn’t stick to everything, it shines just right, and applies well. Only good things to say for this product!


Wowder/Perfecting Skin Tint- “Gets the job done”
Basic products that offer fair coverage. No real comments as it does not under-serve nor inspire. I will say the skin tint in fairly sheer and reminiscent of a tinted moisturizer.


Generation G – “The first lipstick that stayed”
I don’t know if I just have overreactive lips or what, but lipstick never stays well or impresses. I’m not saying this one changed everything, but it certainly stayed well and added a nice hint of color.

*Purchased Myself

Stretch Concealer – “Calling it Concealer May be a Stretch”
I wasn’t crazy about the concealer. This is surprising as I typically get excited about concealers. However, this one offered basic coverage, if not, less than average. If your skin is generally holding flawless then this may be the product for you.


Soothing Face Mist – “Expensive Water for Your Face”
Okay, I’m sorry. Maybe I’m just ballin’ on a budget, but I can’t justify buying face mists. I would rather opt for making my own or something.  That being said, this stuff is refreshing when spritzed onto your face. However, it’s not going to change your life or your skin.


Priming Moisturizer – “Pore-ably Worth It”
Yes their moisturizers are all quite nice. They go on silky and absorb well. This one is something I hope to buy in the future as it feels great and properly preps the skin as it smooths out my pores.


Super Pure – “Super Worth It”
Glossier has three different options for serums. I opted for Pure as I tend to be slightly prone to breakouts. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy application, quick absorption, and softness of my skin soon after. I have not used this product at length, so I cannot speak about the benefits, but I still say it’s a GO.


Mega Greens Galaxy Mask – “Mega Mask Gains”
If you’re looking for a quality mask that detoxes your skin this will certainly do the trick. Depending on your skin type, I did not feel any tightness or dryness after using the product as a woman with combination skin. However, the moisturizing mask is known to be a great product, too.


Invisible Shield – “DUH.”
Yes. Sunscreen is good for you. Doesn’t have to be this one, but wear sunscreen.


Body Hero Daily Wash/Perfecting Cream – “Unnecessary”

Completely normal. Cleaned skin and hydrated, but nothing that made me want to stray from my normal routine.


Solution – “The Answer to All?”

This product can cleanse and tighten your pores. I would recommend this to someone who may not be that involved into their skincare routine, or someone who hasn’t tried a variety of products. In other words, it’s a good place to start for someone who maybe has some breakouts and hasn’t done much about it. Works well, saw improvements in my pore size, texture, and some blemish reduction.

*Purchased Myself

Milk Jelly – “Everyone Just Calm Down”

This could be considered the product that first got Glossier on the map. I first heard about the brand because I had a friend that told me about this cleanser she was using. Does it work? Yes. Is it the best cleanser ever? Ehhh. It’s a great product, but I’m not sure if the hype matches. If you need a solid cleanser and have the extra bucks then be my guest.


Final Words

I think it’s important to mention that Glossier isn’t your average company. They are about taking care of your skin first and enhancing your features with make-up, second. In essence, Glossier is a gorgeous brand with a simple, natural approach to beauty. They have several hit-products that will get you hooked; however, try to critically consider which ones will add the most value to your routine.

While I may have been a bit harsh on their products, they are still one of my favorite brands. I love what they are about and what they create. However, don’t go into their company expecting the average make-up products we see in our department stores.

P.S. Glossier, if you’re reading this, please make me a rep or send me free stuff? I know I threw some shade, but I still love you guys, okay?

Sending good vibes your way. 

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